Tuthillo: It's a Tooth, it's a pillow...It's Tooth-illow!

What’s everyone buying these days for the 5 to 7 year old set? If you can’t face another run to the toy superstores to select from a wall of princesses or superheroes, or you’re freezing up here in the Northeast and can’t imagine shopping beyond your keyboard, here’s a fresh gift idea that’s unisex and universal: a plush tooth pillow called Tuthillo ($20 – $30) — pronounced ‘tooth-illow’. The large head or full body versions of these friendly and fuzzy toys have a pocket for both lost teeth as well as the requisite gift from the Tooth Fairy when the tooth is taken to her castle in the sky (is that the story we tell?). Tuthillo is termed a ‘Lost Tooth Companion’ by this Oregon-based company, who has also coined some sassy t-shirt slogans on their companion clothing line, like "Teeth Come. Teeth Go." or "Don’t Tease a Teether".

While there’s often a lot of teething going on at our house, the last tooth lost under our roof was almost two years ago by my 13-year old, so I shared Tuthillo with a friend. Her 6-year old cooed over it and was digging the tooth-for-money exchange in her neon green pillow. The tooth fairy/mom said that it was also comforting to her daughter to entrust the precious lost tooth to a friendly alien face, rather than to an envelope or just loosely wrapped under a pillow. While I’ve stumbled over the name, Tuthillo is a delightful and original creation that is a guaranteed hit with the ‘tooth losers’ in your life. Click here to shop the Spring Sale going on now for great deals on Tuthillo!

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