Mom of Two Creates Luxurious Gift Box to Ease the Postpartum Period

It's A Mom contains a range of products aimed at new moms, including everything from nipple cream to chocolate bars

postpartum box
Photo: It's A Mom

After enduring a difficult postpartum period following the birth of her son, Rebekah Garfunkel set out to help other moms.

Garfunkel recently launched It's A Mom, a luxury gift box company aimed at easing the postpartum period for new moms.

"The euphoric high of bringing a life into this world was like no other and something I would cherish for the rest of my life BUT, the brutal physical and emotional recovery — not so much," the mom of two wrote of her experience on her Instagram page.

"My son's adorable, but off-the-charts size head left me with a lovely 33 stitches to boot. I couldn't walk (comfortably) for 6 months and definitely couldn't exercise or dance which is usually my way of shaking it off,” she continued. “All of which meant I had to do something for my mental health."

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postpartum box
It's A Mom

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Garfunkel shared that a close friend AJ came by after she heard the new mom was struggling and pampered her with massages, essential oils, food and ice packs.

"She turned on spa music, lit candles and massaged my neck and even my toes with lavender oil until I finally fell asleep," Garfunkel wrote.

Her friend's pampering led Garfunkel to found It's A Mom — "AJ — in a box!"

postpartum box
It's A Mom

Currently, the gift box includes nipple and lip butter, a cotton nursing cover, gourmet dark chocolate bar, stainless steel water bottle, epsom salts, perineal spray and cleanser and a candle scented with rosemary and bergamot.

It's A Mom was created "with the notion that every time a baby is born, so is a mother, and she deserves as much care and looking after as the baby, especially during the critical days and weeks immediately following birth," according to a release

"This is a gift for mom because every time a baby is born, so is a mom," Garfunkel shared on Instagram. "Birth is not only about having a child but celebrating strong, nurturing and powerful women."

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