Iskra Lawrence Reveals Her Baby Had to Be Resuscitated After Home Birth: 'Truly Our Miracle'

Iskra Lawrence and boyfriend Philip Payne welcomed their child on April 16

Iskara Lawrence
Iskra Lawrence and Philip Payne with their child.

Iskra Lawrence gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne last week, but the newborn almost didn't make it through the delivery, according to a new Instagram post from the British model.

The 29-year-old shared the first photos of her family's newest addition on her Instagram on Thursday, calling the baby a "miracle" as she revealed that a midwife had to resuscitate the newborn during the birth.

Only revealing her child's initials, Lawrence wrote, "A.M.P joined team Payne April 16th at 1.05pm here at home. Our first draft pick, but really we are the ones who are so grateful that you picked us to be your parents."

She continued to open up about the intensive birth, writing in the caption, "After 24 hours of active labour and 2.5 hours of transition our midwife saved your life by resuscitation, you truly are our miracle and I will be grateful every single day for you."

"Your story is just beginning I can’t even imagine the impact you’ll have in this world and the dreams you will create. This has been the best week of my life getting to know you and fall more in love each day," she continued.

"Thank you @philipapayne you’ve shattered any expectation I had of you as a father already I am so proud you’re my partner and I’m holding back tears writing this and every time I look at you with our baby," she added. "Love you and love our family unconditionally❤️."

Lawrence first announced the birth of her child on Sunday, sharing in an Instagram post, "I have no idea how to even think right now let alone ‘do an announcement post’ but I feel so close to so many of you – you’ve been my online fam for so many years and I’m beyond overwhelmed to tell you baby P has arrived."

“Me and daddy @philipapayne are taking time to be in awe that we are now a family of three and when I’m ready I cannot wait to share more details with you all on my home birth and this tiny human that we love beyond measure," she shared at the time, telling fans that she’d be taking some time time off for now. "I cannot thank you all enough of the love and support through this journey.”

In the post, the new mom added that she'll need some time figuring out how much to share with followers about her child.

“It’s going to be a huge decision to figure out how much to share online with millions of people and as you know most of you have shown nothing but kindness but we also have received death threats and hate,” she wrote.

“I’m feeling super protective and never want my baby to feel like we over exposed them and they never got the choice whether they wanted intimate details or photos shared,” she explained. “It’s new territory because I’m very open with you all about many aspects of my life and health etc… so thank you again sending you all so so much love.”

Lawrence and Payne first met in January 2018 while attending a Grammy Awards party in New York City.

“I was not meant to be there. The universe brought us together because I was in L.A. the day before,” she previously said in a YouTube video titled “Our Love Story.”

As luck would have it, that same day, Payne recalled that “somebody asked me what my type was and I showed them her, but … I had no idea I would [end up] meeting her that day.”

However, their romance didn’t get off the ground until that October, when they reconnected in Paris by chance. Before long, Lawrence said they “both realized that we make each other so much better and bring out the best in each other."

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