Isabella Cruise Approves of Stepmom Katie (and Other TomKat News)

By CBB intern Ashleigh

Ever since they became a couple last spring, Tom Cruise has declared his love for fiancee Katie/Kate Holmes time and time again in the press. Now Isabella, Tom’s 13-year-old daughter with ex Nicole Kidman, has joined her father and echoed his same sentiments.

Tom reveals in Good Housekeeping’s June issue that "after [he] began dating Kate, Bella looked at [him] and said, ‘Don’t let this one go. She’s the one.’" In the same article, Tom also elaborates on his feelings for the soon-to-be-Mrs. Cruise, as well as their wedding plans: the couple’s wedding day, he says, will "be something special… [and even more] special to have our new baby [Suri] there."

In more TomKat news, the details of the special Mother’s Day gift Tom plans to spring on new mom Katie were made public. The actor reportedly ordered nearly $1,000 worth of pink peonies to be delivered to Kate along with a hand-written note that reads, "Dear Mommy, Happy first Mother’s Day. Love, Suri and Daddy."

Tom also mentioned his link with Scientology and his view on depressants that caused a public spat with Brooke Shields after the birth of her first daughter Rowan: "I know this is controversial. And people don’t have to listen to me. But they should find out about this for themselves. I really do care about people, and I care about the way that lives are being harmed by these drugs."

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