Isabella Rossellini Keeps the Stork Out of Sex Ed

When it comes to having ‘the talk,’ Isabella Rossellini says to toss the timeline; Instead, parents should let their children dictate when they’re ready to learn about the birds and the bees. In a new interview with Parade, the 56-year-old former model and actress says she “tried not to push it” but at a certain point it was clear that daughter Elettra, 25, and son Roberto, 16, were in need of some clarification!

“They were asking questions, and when they ask questions I think it’s when they are ready to get the answers. So, one day I sat them around the table and said, ‘I have something incredible to tell you.’ My children grew up knowing about human reproduction. I never told them about the stork.”

That’s not to say she is stork-adverse, though! Noting that Roberto is adopted, Isabella says she can at least relate to the imagery.

“It’s like at the beginning of Dumbo, the great Walt Disney film, the stork brings a baby to all the animals in the zoo. And it always moved me because that’s a little bit how it feels when you adopt.”

Elettra is Isabella’s daughter with ex-husband Jonathan Wiedemann.

Isabella can currently be seen in Sundance Channel’s Green Porno, a series of short films about animal reproduction.

Source: Parade

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