By peoplestaff225
Updated June 16, 2004 07:10 PM

Now that her Friend Courteney has given birth to daughter Coco, Jennifer Aniston is free to announce news of her pregnancy. Or that’s what the tabloids are betting on. Merely weeks after the celebrity rags were telling us that their marriage was on the rocks, they are speculating whether the Hollywood It couple is expecting. A source says, “Their dream has come true. Expect an announcement later this month.” But where will she fit in Baby Pitt? Jen is about to begin filming the yet-unnamed romantic comedy that advances the story line of “The Graduate.” Plus she and Brad have signed on as co-producers of a movie project based on the life of famed female battle photographer Dickey Chapelle — whose career spanned from World War II to Vietnam. Jen’s spokesman denies the rumors.While promoting Troy with Brad, Jennifer made no secret of wanting a baby, saying, “We’re absolutely in the process of having a baby. It’s where we’re headed.” Brad added, “We’ve been in rehearsals long enough.”