By peoplestaff225
February 16, 2007 03:38 AM

OK Magazine has published pictures of a baby in a pink coat, who they claim is Jayden James Federline, the yet-to-be seen son of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Jayden was born in September and we have only seen him quickly rushed into the house and pictures of supposedly him a few weeks ago through the glass windows of a dance studio. Jayden apparently became sick in NYC and had to be rushed to a pediatrician. He was treated, with Britney by his side and is apparently now well.

The magazine also talks about Jayden’s looks, Preston‘s love of his brother and why Britney has keep him in hiding. Jayden apparently has big blue eyes, unlike Sean Preston who has brown ones; "his big blue eyes light up the room." Preston adores Jayden; "Preston loves Jayden. He’s always kissing him." Britney has not debuted Jayden to the world as she is "just not ready yet" so she has been dressing the little boy, who she calls "baby-baby" in pink to disguise him from prying eyes and all those paparazzi.

Source: OK Magazine via Breathe Heavy and Just Jared

Thanks to CBB readers Bella, Kristine and Roxana

What do you think, is it Jayden and why has Britney kept him in hiding for so long?