Is it possible Britney Spears' baby is a girl?

x17 photo agency theorizes Britney Spears‘ baby is a girl! Here’s why: a week after the baby was born, one of their photographers shot video of one of her bodyguards purchasing pink newborn girl clothing at Planet Blue Kids in Malibu, CA. The bodyguard threatened to call the Malibu Police if he didn’t turn over the tape so he did. x17‘s theory is that they wouldn’t be buying girls’ clothing or trying to destroy evidence of it if Britney didn’t have something to hide.

It also kind of makes sense considering that Britney hasn’t released details of the baby’s birth. Also, if the baby’s name isn’t Sutton Pierce as Kevin Federline sort of indicated, the name one of our sources leaked to us, Jayden James, could be a girl’s name.

Then again, x17 did sit on this for almost a month. Why reveal it now?

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