Is Big Brother host Julie Chen pregnant?

Update: CBB reader Holly made us some screencaps!

CBB reader Janelle watches the reality show Big Brother on CBS, and wonders if host Julie Chen, who married CBS chairman Les Moonves last year, could possibly be expecting their first child together. Janelle writes, "[I saw] the most recent episode [last Thursday] and Julie Chen was wearing a white top that at one point, while she was talking with ousted player Alison, seemed to reveal what could be a baby bump. While she was standing, her cue card seemed to cover her mid section. Also, the camera has been aimed at her face and not showing her full body (as has been the case in the past seasons of Big Brother). Could she and Les Moonves be next in the never ending line of celebrities that have had or are expecting a visit from the stork? Just wondering if anyone at CBB noticed her too?"

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