May 11, 2007 11:41 AM

Actress Kim Fields, 37, and her fiance Christopher Morgan, 30, welcomed their son, Sebastian Alexander, whom they’re calling Sam, on May 4th. They introduced their bundle of joy in People this week — here are the highlights.

: Kim calls Sam ‘sweet face,’ while Chris prefers ‘little coconut.’

On Sam’s features: His bottom lip is heart-shaped. That just kills us.

On her easy pregnancy and delivery — less than 2 hours of labor!: Laughing, Kim says, ‘I didn’t have one day of sickness…I’m fully aware that women are jealous. I don’t know why God smiled on me, but I’m grateful as all get out that he did.’ Kim shares that she did ‘a lot of walking and a little prenatal yoga.’

New parent worries: Last night, I said, ‘The way Sebastian stares off in thought, does that worry you?’ Chris said, ‘He’s 4 days old! Nothing worries me right now.’

Mellow boy
: He sleeps quite a bit…When he’s alerting us that he wants his diaper changed or needs his grub, he’s very casual about it.

The future: Kim and Chris are currently engaged but have no immediate plans for marriage. When they do finally tie the knot, ‘He’ll be our ring bearer.’

Mommy brain: Kim turns 38 this month, but when asked about her  and celebrating her first Mother’s Day, she goes blank. Kim says, ‘I don’t care anymore. My life revolves around May 4th now.’

Source: People, May 21st issue, pg 89-90.

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