ABC 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas, 44, and her singer-songwriter husband Marc Cohn, 47, (Walking in Memphis) welcomed their son Samuel Wyatt back on August 16th, weighing in at 7 lbs, 9 oz. He joins big brother Zachary Raphael, 3 1/2, as well as two older half-siblings, Max and Emily, from Marc’s first marriage. This week, the family is featured in People Magazine. Some excerpts from the interview:

-First of all – is the child even hers?! When Wyatt was born and Elizabeth discovered that he had blond hair and blue eyes, "I kept saying, ‘Are you sure he’s mine?’ Since both my husband and I are dark, we were a little puzzled."

Wyatt is taking after his big brother already. "Zachary is very tall for his age, and Samuel’s also enormous. He’s just over a month and already 12 lbs. I think we’re going to have another very big boy here."

-Sleep is hard to come by when you also have an older child – "That mantra ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’, doesn’t work when you have a three year old…I haven’t slept more than 90 minutes at a time in a month – I’m practically hallucinating!"

-Elizabeth also finds the change from one child to two a bit difficult, saying, "I’m still struggling to find enough time to give Zachary all the TLC he deserves when I’m up around the clock nursing the baby." But Zachary is an excited big brother, "He talks all the time about the things he’s going to teach him – how to ride a bike and build blocks…My husband (Grammy-winning singer Marc Cohn, 47) and I have to continually remind Zachary that it takes a long time for a baby to be able to do anything fun. They’re kind of blob like for awhile."

– Crying hurts mom, too – "Samuel has a very sensitive tummy and a little bit of colic…I know they outgrow it, but there’s nothing more heartbreaking than watching your newborn cry and scream in pain."

-Five weeks postpartum, Elizabeth is feeling much more like herself, "Even though (my) body still isn’t back to normal – and shouldn’t be if you’re nursing to be honest – I feel much more like myself. I’m looking forward to being able to squeeze back into all my old clothes at some point."

– Elizabeth returns from her maternity leave in mid-October. However, the difference between hosting weekly instead of daily has made all the difference in the world to Elizabeth and her sons (You may remember she left her coveted World News Tonight position to focus on her pregnancy and son earlier this year). "Anchoring World News Tonight is a tremendously demanding job and there is a very little flexibility…In order to do that job, you’re talking 13-15 hours days, five days a week, sometimes seven days." Elizabeth did this schedule for a year and a half, causing Zachary to suffer, she feels. "Zachary paid a price for that. He struggled with my absence…When your child cries because you have to leave or you’re not home, it’s hard to ask him to understand that mommy’s career is more important."

However, Elizabeth loves to work and won’t be stepping down – just doing less until her boys are older. "Samuel and Zachary will get older and I fully intend to work as hard as I can to get another opportunity to anchor a daily broadcast…I hope I get that chance. I think I proved myself – I just couldn’t do it now."

Thanks to CBB reader Jessica.