People magazine has a pic and interview of the first Big & Rich baby. Big Kenny, 42, and his wife Christiev, 43, welcomed son Lincoln William Holiday on November 2nd – he’s now 5 months. Some highlights from the article:

– Lincoln weighed 6 lbs, 11 oz, when he was delivered by C-section last fall.

– Dad Kenny stops Lincoln from fussing with such original serenades as "Booby Man," an ode to his son’s love of nursing.

– Kenny and Christiev are raising a fashion maven. Says Christiev, "We don’t do goofy outfits with tails." And when friends were caught putting socks with little balls on them on Lincoln, Kenny quickly intervened, telling them, "You are not putting those on my son."

John Rich, 32, is Lincoln’s godfather – and has big plans for the future. "He’ll call me up and say, ‘I can’t believe Dad did that.’ And I’ll say, ‘That’s alright, come over to Uncle John’s house, have a beer, and talk to me."

Source: People

Thanks to CBB reader Mary for the scan.