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Updated April 11, 2007 08:33 AM

Actress Marcia Cross, 45, introduces her fraternal twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, 7 weeks, in People Magazine this week.


On knowing Tom was for her: ‘Well, I’m no spring chicken. I met Tom and I was like, ‘I don’t know whether we can do this [have babies] or not. And he was like, ‘If we can’t, we’ll adopt.’ I thought, ‘ This is the man for me!’ So before we got married we started trying [to conceive].’

On choosing making babies over a honeymoon: ‘We did in vitro a week after we got married. We weresupposed to go to Greece and Paris and have this fancy honeymoon, and Isaid, ‘Let’s stay put and see if we can’t give this baby a chance.’ And it worked – times two.’

On the pregnancy:I was horribly nauseous.’ Then, they got the big news – it’s twins! ‘I was hugely terrified. And I was more scared to have girls – probably from just having been one. Now I’m just delighted. There’s nothing closer than the female bond.’


On her 9 week bedrest: In late December, around her 26th week, Marcia started having contractions. She says, ‘I went to the doctor’s office, and I’d been having contractions and didn’t know it. I thought I was this Amazon woman, and that bed rest was never going to happen to me.’ It did.

I thought, ‘I might as well learn something.’ So I got some books on tape – ancient Greek civilization, something on the symphony, [George Eliot’s] Middlemarch. Tom adds, ‘Not a day went by that she didn’t have good humor.

Still, Marcia eventually became quite uncomfortable as time passed – ‘I couldn’t breathe really well, and I’d be so tired just talking on the phone. It was a very isolating time.’

The birth: After developing preeclampsia,a condition that occurs only during pregnancy, in which her bloodpressure rose to dangerously high levels, affecting both her and thetwins, Marcia gave birth by c-section on February 20th.

Tom held her hand during the surgery, and tells People, ‘Savannah was born first and then Eden followed within the same minute. There was a symphony of crying and it was fantastic.

Savannah weighed inat 6 lbs, 7 oz, and Eden was 5 lbs, 10 oz. ‘I had over 12 lbs of baby in me!,’ Marcia exclaims. Although Marcia’s due date was March 21st and the girls were four weeks early, the babies were healthy and only stayed in the hospitalfor four days.

Why they chose the names:Savannah came to me in this premonition. A long time ago, I had this kind of spiritual experience, that I will have this child and her name will be Savannah. Then when Tom and I didn’t even know we were having girls, he wrote me an e-mail and said, ‘I just heard a name I like: Savannah.’ I had the complete chills.’

As for Eden, Marcia says, ‘I was getting a massage and it came to me.’


On motherhood: ‘I wanted to be a member of that club sobadly, and now I’m in and it’sso much better than I even imagined. Even before I was 30 I startedthinking about [it]. [It was the] longest wait in history. The years started going by and I was anxious about the clock ticking. Now it seems like it was all meant to be. I’m probably done [having kids], but I certainlycan see why people keepgoing.’

‘I love when you get them out of the crib and you open the blanket and they’re like little flowers – they’re warm and they smell so good. People say, ‘Oh wait, it gets better and better!’ But I’m in no rush. I’m in heaven right now.’

On nursing: Marcia is tandem nursing her twins, as well as pumping. Mastering the art of simultaneously nursing two babies ‘is a huge accomplishment,’ says Marcia. ‘My life is more organized for sure. But it’s not like I’mcooking! I’m breastfeeding – I feel like that’s the best cooking I coulddo.’

On the girls looks and personalities: ‘[In the womb],Savannah kicked all the time, and Eden was really quiet, which made me so nervous. Now Eden’s thefeisty one and Savannah’s a little more Zen.’

‘At first I was like, ‘Savannah is Tom!’ And Eden looks a little bit like him now too. Mostly, though, they’re these two brand-new beings, and every day it’s like, ‘Who are you?’

‘Eden loves to be bounced on an exercise ball and Savannah is perfectly happy if she’s had enough to eat.’

‘They sleep in the same crib together – it’s so cute. But it’s funny – sometimes they’ll look at everything but each other.’

And according to Marcia, yes – they both have ginger-colored hair! However, it’s closer to dad’s orange mop than mom’s brighter red.


On her new routine: ‘I’ll tell you my routine – it’s really exciting. [laughs] I feed, I burp, I change diapers, I pump. And then I have atiny window of time to myself.’ (Marcia and Tom have the help of a baby nurse.)

On weight loss: ‘I didn’t just feel large, I was large [during my pregnancy]. I was 190 [lbs.], and two weeks later I was 150. My doctor said it was a record weight loss! When you’re [used to being] thin, you’re like, ‘Oh, there’s an inch over here (pinching her waist).’ When you’re 190 and all of a sudden you’re not, it’s like, ‘I’m Twiggy!’ It feels so good.’

Marcia on Tom as a parent: ‘From the first moment Tom was changing diapers – he’s been totally hands-on…Tom was dancing with Eden. We put on some Tchaikovsky and they were dancing to Swan Lake. That was just so beautiful.’

‘I think we both feel happy that we’re so prepared, and have lived enough and been through enough that [parenthood] seems relatively easy.’


Tom on Marcia as a parent: ‘She’ll come in when I’m putting on my tie in the morning and say, ‘Honey, you’ve got to see this!’ The girls will be side-by-side, peacefully eyeing the mobile with just the faintest of smiles. She’s totally in the moment.’

Marcia’s delivery diamonds: Tom gave Marcia a pair of diamond studs – ‘one for each girl’ – as a ‘thanks for birthing our children’ present on their first dinner out as parents.

On returning to work: Before motherhood, Marcia says, ‘I felt like I couldn’t really go after movies and further my career. I needed to have my family first. I mean, I could win an Oscar, but who cares if I don’t have my family? I still want to work and be creative. Anything I do is that much richer now.’