Introducing Dylan Paul Conner

features the photo to the left on their front page this week, while Superior Pics also has a scan from People Magazine of gymnast Bart Conner, 48, and Nadia Comaneci, 44, with their newborn son Dylan Paul. He was born June 3rd, and weighed in at 4 lbs, 10 oz. Highlights from the interview include:

-Although Dylan was originally due on July 9th, the due date was moved up to late June. Three weeks before Nadia’s due date, her amniotic fluid was running low and her doctor chose to perform a cesarean section.

-Dylan remained in the hospital for 12 days following his birth while his swallow reflex developed.

-Nadia calls Dylan her "gogosel," meaning "little donut" in her native Romanian. She also speaks the language to her son in the hope that he will speak both English and Romanian.

-Nadia gained 17 lbs during her pregnancy, and has already lost it all. She also retained her flexibility during the pregnancy – when asked if she couldn’t wait to be able to tie her shoes again, she replied, "Well, I still can!"

-The couple waited to have children for ten years after their marriage because other things became priorities and Nadia was not quite ready. Once she was though, the pregnancy happened naturally, although they were thinking about adoption.

-Bart is all about his new son, saying, "When I saw him laying there in the hospital, I’m thinking, ‘Just the mere fact that he exists is enough for me.‘"

-Nadia and Bart are good-natured about becoming parents later in life: Bart says a friend gave them a box to hold Dylan’s lost baby teeth, and he thought "His teeth will be coming out the same time ours do!"

Photo copyright Simon Hurst/ Shevaun Williams Photography, with use on CBB granted by Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner. We were also granted permission to use a larger, watermarked photo. Click the extended post to see it.

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