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Updated April 03, 2007 08:27 AM

Australian Sunrise sports reporter, Mark Beretta and his wife Rachel welcomed their second child together two weeks ago. Daniel John, weighed in 3.74kg, and joins big sister Ava, 3. Mark and Rachel spoke to Australian weekly magazine, New Idea this week. They discuss the effect of the baby boy on their family and posed for some photos.


Mark on Daniel’s birth.

We knew we were having a boy, but until you hear the cry and see the baby it all seems a bit surreal. After nine long months you finally hold them in your arms. From then on it’s priceless. We have a person here – there really was something in that tummy bump!

Rachel speaks of how great it is to see Mark with Daniel.

Mark has been on a high since Daniel was born. He’s a wonderful dad to Ava – she’s his little princess. But he’s so very proud to have a son, and he’s enjoying the thrill of mapping out their future together.

Mark now has a boy to be boy-ish with. This means he can stop dressing Ava as a boy.

It’s good news for Ava now Daniel’s here – I can stop making her a tomboy. She can stop kicking the footy around. I’m sure she’ll be happy to palm off some of that rough stuff.

Rachel is besotted with her gorgeous new baby; he’s the spitting image of his dad.

Just like Ava, he’s the spitting image of Mark so I haven’t had a look-in again! Daniel is a big placid boy with a spiky mop of hair, and I’m completely besotted. I waste hours gazing at his tiny fingernails and long eyelashes.

Source: New Idea, April 7 2007, pg 22-3.

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