Introducing "Ask CBB"

The Celebrity Baby Blog is thrilled to introduce our newest feature, ‘Ask CBB’!

Wondering what kind of stroller Gwyneth Paltrow is using with Apple? Is there a specific brand of barrettes that stay on really fine baby hair? Maybe you’re breastfeeding and need help finding a comfortable nursing bra. Baby Kingston‘s socks are so cute, but where can you find them? It’s time for your best friend’s baby shower, but where do you get a chic, yet affordable gift? And really, what IS the difference between a sling and a Baby Bjorn carrier? Well, no need to worry because CBB has come to the rescue!

Most of us are moms, nannies, babysitters, and some even come from large families with lots of babies and kids plus we have insider info and connections. We have plenty of experience in this growing world of baby products and we want to help you.

So whether you’re pregnant with your first child and you would like some suggestions on how to pick out the perfect stroller or car seat, or if you’re an Aunt who needs help with finding the best gift, CBB is here for you – so just ask!

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