Introducing William Huckleberry Paisley


Country star Brad Paisley, 35, and his actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, 36, introduce their son, William Huckleberry, 9 months, in People’s Country issue.

Click below for photos of Huck, as Brad and Kimberly call him (apparently they’ve switched over from Will?), as well as the interview highlights.


Brad’s anxiousness over becoming a father:

Before Huck arrived, I thought, ‘I’m a free spirit — how am I going togive that up?’ I confided in my preacher, who told me, ‘You won’t evenremember what you gave up — it will be that inconsequential.’ He’sright. The first time you come home and your son sees you and laughs,you forget.

Having Huck has taught me the importance of quality time. On tour, I goaway three days a week, but when I’m home I get to spend the whole daywith him.

Fly baby:

Kim shares that between Brad’s touring and her commute to LA to film According to Jim,

Huck was in four time zones by age 3 months.


Brad as a dad:

Bath time comes with a built-in story in the Paisley household — ‘The Adventures of King Bonzo’ — aka Huck, as told by dad.

The peasantsline up outside the castle and await the news of the king’s bath. So Igive a play by play: Ladies and gentleman, I’m scrubbing his feet! I’m3/4 of the way done! And then when the king is clean, there’s a hugecelebration!

Listening over the baby monitor, Kim laughs,

Bath times are hilarious. Brad’s a great dad. It’s really fun to leavehim with Huck. No matter what happens, when I ask how it went, thefirst thing Brad says is, ‘Oh, we had a ball.’


Kim as a mom:

I knew Kim would make a good mom, but she’s 10 times better than I ever thought she’d be.

On Huck’s personality:

Kim says,

Huck’s like a happy Buddha. He’s happy just taking things in.

Brad adds,

He’s all boy. There’s nothing delicate about him. He’s a total guy andloves the remote control, so we’d stick the remote down and he’d makehis way to it.

He’s easier to handle now. If you put him down with a bucket of toys,he’ll amuse himself rather than looking at you for an hour. And that’skind of how it ought to be in life. He’ll need to explore a bit, andthen if he needs us, we’ll be there.

What not to wear:

We have to compromise on what he wears. I bought a French outfit withblack polka dots and red frills. Brad made me take that back! Too’girly!


Home life:

The couple built a log home in Franklin, TN, and raise their son there — without a nanny, they add — and pride themselves on being — well, normal. Sundays include walks around a farm to feed the horses, and rides into town for Starbucks coffee and browsing at Barnes & Noble.

Both of us are committed to not spoiling him. Everything should be earned and have a purpose.

Even their house is designed to conform to their ideals.

When we have another child, they’ll have to share a bathroom. And if we have more than two, they’ll share a room. It’s a big house, but we wanted it to be humble.

Source: People, Country issue, p. 38-45.

Thanks to CBB reader Lauren.

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