Source: People, April 21 issue

Along with oldest son Aidan McIntosh, 4 ½,Olympic champion figure skater Scott Hamilton, 49, and his wife Tracie, 38, introduce their second boy, Maxx Thomas, in the latest issue of People. Now 3 months old, it's a miracle the littlest Hamilton is here at all.

Click below for the photo and interview highlights, including their journey through infertility and Maxx's difficult start to life.


Trying to conceive:

Scott fought off testicular cancer in 1997, with no effect on his fertility. However, in 2004, he was diagnosed with a nonmalignant brain tumor near his pituitary gland, requiring radiation to shrink — and that took its toll. Scott's body stopped producing testosterone.

The couple tried for a year to conceive naturally. Seeing no results, they considered in-vitro as a last resort. Instead, they visited UCLA endocrinologist Dr. Christina Wang, who prescribed two different hormones to spike Scott's testosterone and therefore stimulate sperm production, a method which has a success rate of over 80%.

However, like fertility treatments for women, they're anything but easy. One of the medications Scott kept in the home refrigerator and had to mix himself. The two hormones were self-injected three times a week, back-to-back, into Scott's stomach and thigh. By April 2007, the couple had spent $23,000 on treatment — insurance didn't cover the expenses.

On finding out Tracie was pregnant:

Telling Scott she was expecting:

When Aidan asked her about baby names in the car one day, Tracie thought maybe their son knew something she didn't.

It was positive. She sent a cell phone photo of the positive test to Scott.

On the birth:

Maxx arrived "purple as a berry" and with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Fifteen slow minutes passed before he turned pink and finally let out a wail, much to the relief of his anxious parents.

A positive outlook:

Source: People, April 21 issue

Photos by David Yellen.