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Update: Interview highlights in extended post. An additional image can be seen at The Daily Mail, and well as photos from the shoot (including those not in the magazine) at People.

Originally posted January 13th: Songstress Christina Aguilera, 27, introduces her 4-week-old son Max Liron in the latest issue of People. She and husband Jordan Bratman, 30, welcomed their son on January 12th. The issue will be available nationwide on Friday — click below for the interview highlights.

On finding out Christina was pregnant:

C: I couldn’t figure out why I was late. [laughs] I really doubted I was pregnant. But I took a test and it waspositive, and then I took another test and it was positive. My jawdropped and I started tearing up.

J: When I got home there was a whole line of [pregnancy] tests!

On cravings:

C: [I didn’t have morning sickness, but I developed] a craving for sweets like neverbefore. SweeTarts, lollipops, anything with sugar I loved.

On finding out the sex:

C: [I’m a] super-planner. I had to know what colors to buy! I need tobe prepared at all times.

On her choice to schedule a c-section at 37 weeks:

C: I didn’t want any surprises. Honestly, I didn’t want any [vaginal]tearing. I had heard horror stories of women going in and having tohave an emergency C-section [anyway].

The hardest part was deciding onhis birthday. I wanted to leave it up to fate, but at the same time Iwas ready to be done early!

On the birth:

The couple played Miles Davis, and Jordan videotaped.

C: Theinstant I heard his cry, thewaterworks started. [When they put him in my arms,] I said, ‘Hi, Papa,hi, my little angel,’ and he looked up at me and opened his eyes forthe firsttime. The connection was incredible. You can’t believe the love youfeel.

J: We’ve played the[birth] video several times since, and all you can hear is me going,’Oh my God!’ I was beaming the entire time.

On Max’s nickname, inspired by the first sonogram:

C: He was just a little circle, and the doctor saidit was the yolk sac. After that, his nicknamethroughout the pregnancy was Yolky and I was Mama Yolky. Now he’s theBaby Formerly Known as Yolky.

On nursing:

C: It was magical. It’s amazing: Your body is this supplier offood! I’m in awe of it.

On their son:

C: I’m head over heelsin love. He’s completely changed my life. When he’s breastfeeding,I just sit there and stare at him. I’m inawe of this little miracle.

He’s a sweet, mellow baby. He’s a good combination of both of us. He smiles a lot already, and he has the same little Elvisside smile that I do. He’s not a bigcrier, so he hasn’t really belted it out yet! Just like his mom, he’s a total night owl.

J: It’s brought us even closer together. He’s a product of our love.

The parental instinct kicked in right away. And it hasn’t goneaway. We keep it mellow. We’re a pretty stress-free couple, and I thinkMax can tell.

On Jordan as a dad:

C:Jordan is amazing — he’s a natural caretaker. He’s so chill with thebaby. I love the way we work as a team. I’m so happy to be goingthrough this experience with him.

On the nursery:

Designed by Patrick Ediger for Woodson & Rummerfield,the nursery took more than four months to complete. It features woodfloors, a round crib, and an 11-foot-tall moon. The wall mural isinspired by TODA, one of Christina’s favorite artists, and the room isdecorated with furniture from Bel Bambini.

C: I love Max’s room. The moon is from my tour — it was Jordan’s idea.

On their favorite gear:

J: [The baby swing is] worth every penny.

On the lifestyle her success can provide:

C: My family was always struggling withmoney. It’s surreal to be able to give my child thislifestyle.

On resuming work (and working out):

Previous owner Ozzy Osbourne left a home studio in the house,in which Christina plans to start working on songs this month. However,she’s still been exercising her famous pipes — quietly.

C: I sing softly to him — little made-up melodies in my head on the spot.

After she gets the okay fromher doctor, Christina says she will start working out witha mix of weights, boxing and treadmill.

C: Already, my body is going backto its normal shape, and I’m like, ‘Did [the pregnancy] ever happen?’ I’ve never had more respect for the female body.

On Max’s music:

C: Yesterday we had LedZeppelin blaring through the house. Most new moms playBeethoven, but we’re playing Metallica, Bob Marley, the Stones.

More kids?:

C: Not yet! But I always wanted a big family. Ican’t wait to see him wiggle his little bootie and stomp his feet forthe first time. As exciting as it’s been so far, it’s stillonly the beginning!


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Note 3: Now that the issue is off newsstands, we’ve added small images from People.com.

Photo by Regina Mahaux/Contour by Getty Images exclusively for People; February 25th issue, p. 86-94.

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