April 04, 2008 01:22 PM

"She is very calm. We call her our little Buddha baby," Soleil Moon Frye said of her 3-week-old daughter. Good thing too, because the firestorm of comments around her name was anything but serene! Laughed Soleil,

I had no idea her name would create such controversy! Coming from a household of crazy names, this is normal for us!

Jagger Joseph Blue was welcomed after a "beautiful and easy" birth, assisted by Demi Moore, who also helped with 2 ½-year-old Poet Sienna Rose’s arrival in 2005. "She must have been a midwife in a past life," says Soleil of her close friend, whom she met as their husbands Jason Goldberg, 37, and Ashton Kutcher are producing partners. Of having two daughters, an ecstatic Soleil revealed,

My mind is blown away. I have so much love for them both.

Soleil plans to return to work at The Little Seed in May. She also has a comedy, For Better or For Worse, planned for this summer.

Source: People, April 14th issue

Photo by Christa Renee.

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