Introducing CBB Sales and Deals

We work hard to bring you great reviews and great deals on greatproducts! As we get informed of good deals and get offered couponcodes, we’ll post them in this post. Consider this your one-stopshopping spot courtesy of your favorite reviewers.

For February’s CBB Sales and Deals, click here.

Plus, don’t forget about The Shops at the Celebrity Baby Blog. Featuring gift ideas, exclusive promotions, and discounts from ourfavorite companies, it should be the first place you go when you wantto do some shopping online. Instead of just ads, you can read about inshort blog posts what makes each shop worth your time (and money)!

Check out our featured shopkeepers Dimples & Dandelions and Tiny Printsplus 50+ others in categories like Baby and Children’s Apparel,Babywearing, Boutiques, Breastfeeding fashion and gear, Cute t-shirts, Decor, Diaper Bags,Furniture and Bedding, Gifts, Jewelry, Maternity/Mommy, Shoes and Accessories,Skincare, and Stationery.

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If you’d like to offer an exclusive CBB Deal to our readers, email (You’ll need to offer at least 10% off or free shipping or a gift with purchase.)

For info on advertising in the Shops at the Celebrity Baby Blog, email Gina.

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