Celebrity Baby Blog

As you may have noticed, in addition to our daily news and photos of celebrity babies and pregnancies, the Celebrity Baby Blog also covers celebrity pregnancy and baby style and gear such as the clothing, strollers, diaper bags and sippy cups Hollywood’s littlest celebrities are using and wearing. About 2 ½ years ago, as a service to our readers who are parents (did you realize that 76% of you are moms or soon-to-be moms?), we started reviewing the fashion and gear we’ve seen celebrities use with their children by using them with our children.

Our freelance review staff are moms who have been there, done that and are excellent judges of whether something is worthy of being spotlighted on the site. For example, Nancy and Kristen, who have two kids apiece, are our stroller experts — between the two of them, they’ve probably reviewed at least 30 strollers. Stephanie hails from Toronto and loves to focus on products made in Canada in addition to earth-friendly finds, while Teba loves fashion and entertainment.

We decided early on only to highlight products we truly enjoyed using and not everything we tried. There are so many great products out there that we barely have enough time and room to write about the ones we love, let alone the ones we were ambivalent about or disliked. (Believe me, we’ve rejected some doozies including products we really wanted to love but were disappointed by.) You can find all of our reviews on our Fashion & Gear page, but 2-3 times a day, we spotlight them via excerpts on the Celebrity Baby Blog homepage under the category of “Reviews” and link to the Fashion & Gear page for the full story.

Lately, we’ve realized that the name “Reviews” does not accurately describe what we’re doing with our fashion and gear posts since we’re not publishing reviews of everything we try. So, in an effort to clarify what we’re doing with our write-ups of products we love, we’ve changed the name of the category to “CBB Faves.” These are truly our favorite products and ones that we would recommend to our friends and family, and of course, our readers.

— Danielle