Update: Introducing Angel Hylton Harvey

After welcoming daughter Angel in a natural waterbirth on February 23rd, UK R&B star MC Harvey, 28, and singer Javine Hylton, 26, introduce their 2-week-old little girl in Hello! this week.

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On the pregnancy:

J: I had a cyst on my ovary that had apparently been brewing for years. During a ski trip to Italy, I was rushed to a local hospital, where I was later told that I only had hours to live because poison was spreading through my bloodstream. I woke up in a ward for people on their last days, with priests coming and going. Harvey was there for me every step of the way.

I was then so desperate to have a baby with him, not wanting anything else to go wrong. Six weeks later we spent six weeks in Berlin with Harvey's show ‘Daddy Cool' and that's where I must have become pregnant.

With Angel being born exactly a year after my operation it's as if things have come full circle — from disaster to my dream fulfilled. It's worth everything we've gone through to have this child here now.

Despite wanting it so much, I don't think I embraced pregnancy as some women do. I hadn't prepared myself mentally for all the changes. I was a drinker and a smoker, and now I'm not. I put on four stone (56 lbs), so now I have work to do.


On the birth and their choices for it:

Angel was born at The Birth Centre in London.

J: I didn't want to go anywhere with a clinical environment or where Caesareans are routine. Harvey found the birth centre in Tooting, where Thandie Newton and Davina McCall also had their babies. It's very low key, a very loving and private facility. We literally had the place to ourselves while I was in labor.

My mum and sister, Harvey's mum, his auntie and his cousin were all in the house too, virtually having a party downstairs!

It lasted 12 hours from start to finish, but time passed very quickly. I enjoyed being in the birthing pool — just me with the midwifereading her book in the corner. But when she broke my waters, that'swhen the pain went through the roof. I lost it completely, crying thatI wanted to go home.

She was born underwater. They say it's less of a shock for newborns. The baby gave a couple of squeaks, but she didn't cry. She was straight in to my arms. I'd thought beforehand that I'd be emotional when I first saw her, but I was just in shock, thinking: ‘Who's this new little person?'

H: I was crying my eyes out. For Javine's sake I know I shouldn't say this, but sometimes I've wished we could do the birth all over again, just for the feeling. I'm having an amazing year with things happening in work that are like dreams for me. But nothing in my whole life could ever match up to having my daughter.

Javine does not realize how amazing she was, producinga 9 lb baby without needed even a stitch afterwards. The midwife saysshe should make a DVD showing women how to have babies.

J: Just two hours after the birth I was ready to go. I just wanted to be in our own home with Angel.

H: But I had a gig that night in Telford. I had to go because of these things called contracts! Had Angel not arrived until 10 pm, I guess they would have had to sue me, because there was no way I was missing my child's birth.

On the way back everyone slept whilst I looked out to the road and thought, “When I get home, I've got a child!” I found Javine awake with the baby in her arms. And you know, she never mentioned what she'd been through that day — not once.

J: Childbirth is already becoming a blur to me. At first I was thinking, ‘Alright … I've done it once and, and now I'm never going to have a natural birth again. It will be an epidural or Caesarean next time!' But as the days pass I'm forgetting about it and feeling that it was worth everything to have this child here now.

How they chose her name:

J: I racked my brain for the right name, surfing the net, buying books. We thought of Berlin — for obvious reasons — though in the end we decided it was the bit like the Beckhams! Two weeks before she came, Harvey said: ‘What about Angel?' Everyone loved it. I have to admit, it's really the perfect name!


On parenthood:

H: It's changed my life — even in a couple of weeks, which is bizarre. Ihave to live responsibly now. It's my duty to be a good father

J: I was a wild child before and a bit manic. But the babyhas settled me right down. I've taken a 180-degree turn in every way. I've been so excited that I couldn't sleep because I just wanted to be with my daughter. But now reality has hit me and I know I need to relax.

On the future:

J: We've talked about this, but Harvey has just come out of marriage, and my mum never married, so I didn't grow up thinking, ‘Okay that's what I want' — though I did want love and children. Once we're settled and I'm in my thirties with a few children, that could be a nice time. And anyway, that's only if I say yes!

H: It would be silly for us to rush in to marriage. Now we have a child together, I think that represents the greatest commitment of all.

Source: Hello! Magazine, March 18th issue, p.14-18.

Thanks to CBB readers Betty and Carlie.

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