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Credit: Courtesy Ilana Wiles

It’s never too early to master the elegance of a suit and tie, even if you haven’t learned how to walk yet.

Instagram user mommyshorts – known in the real world as parenting blogger Ilana Wiles – is on a mission to class up cribs everywhere. The mother of two has created the meme #babysuiting, a photo trend where infants are placed in adult formal wear with adorable results.

Hundreds of Instagram parents have joined in on Wiles’s creation, turning their babies into fun-sized businessmen, flight attendants, hockey players and more.

This isn’t Wiles’s first Internet success; she is also the crafty mom behind #babymugging, which later inspired #muttmugging.

Suit up and see some of the best shots Wiles’s new meme has inspired. //

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