Instantly turn your baby into a celebrity baby (or just a celebrity)

The release of Suri Cruise’s photos back in August may haveput an end to the whole "Is she real or is she not?" controversy but it starteda new controversy all its own. Bald babieseverywhere have been known to be suffering from "Suri Envy" – that is envy ofthat head of luscious locks baby Cruise is blessed with.

Now, thanks to the Baby Toupee, moms and dads can help raisebaby’s self-esteem and turn their bald bundle of joy into The Donald, The Lil Kim, The Bob, or, our personal favorite, The Samuel L. Don’t fret! The company is still fairly new and more hairdosare coming soon!

We all know that while parenting can be a greatresponsibility, it can be a source of endless amusement too. The infanthairpieces are perfect for this Halloween but they also make hilarious giftsfor baby showers, parties, play groups, costume parties and more. Designedwith a soft, comfortable lining, the products are perfect for infants 0-9months.

The first and only small wig for small people will run you about$25 and can be bought through the Baby Toupee website or at select retailers.

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