Inspired Crib Bedding: Why Does the Baby Ever Cry with Bedding This Cool?

With a name like Minky it’s got to be good. Inspired Crib Bedding is modern, luxurious lovely stuff that will make a sleep-deprived mama want to climb into the crib with her new little bambino.

In addition to the velvety cashmere of minky fabric, the cottons are crisp and all bedding is beautifully finished with piping and ribbon. The designs are a lovely hybrid of space-age modernity in sweet classic shades — clear light blues, soft pale pinks, pale oranges and greens.

The bedding set ($300) comes with minky and cotton padded bumpers, a flat sheet, a minky fitted crib sheet, and a minky-lined crisp comforter (that in my house will see a lot of time outside the crib as well). The line also carries adorable minky pillows, stroller blankets, hooded robes and towels, and more.

It makes you wonder why does the baby ever cry?

— Alix

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