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We got the inside scoop on Sean "Diddy" Combs and Kim Porter‘s twin daughters’, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, nursery straight from their designer, Shalena Smith of Ga Ga Designs.  Ga Ga Designs is a Los Angeles-based interior design company specializing in custom baby nurseries, children and teen rooms. The nursery took Shalena and her crew three months of hard work to come up with, complete with custom french cherub cribs, a romantic sky mural and princess accessories.

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Shalena told us that they went off of the Lil Miss Diddy "Pretty inPink" theme.  "It was hard getting Kim and Diddy to visualize a pinkroom because they were used to having boys.  When I first met with Kim,she was not sure about using pink at all." But after Shalena showed Kimsome looks, she fell in love with pink. "She first selected a pink andbrown set, but then Sean wanted a softer look, he thought the first setwas too heavy. So we started over and did everything custom."The end result is a whimsical French Garden theme of pink, cream andsoft green.  They did manage to incorporate some brown and pink, withGa Ga’s chocolate brown and pink chenille stripe and silk dupioni Louisa Moses Basket.

Having read about Ga Ga in B.A.B.Y magazineand slammed with Kim’s Wicked Wicked Games TV show and Diddy’s newalbum release, Kim and Diddy had no time to shop, so they met withShalena this past summer and started working with her. Ga Ga is knownfor their sky murals and butterflies so it only makes sense that Diddywould choose to work with them because he really wanted a sky mural.Shalena told us, "Butterflies represent change and beauty, which isexactly what a new baby brings to us all… and of course the sky isthe limit for our children." D’Lila and Jessie’s mural features "thecutest brown fairies sitting in a garden."

The girls sleep in French Ancestry Cherubini cream colored cribs (from LL Cool J), which are decorated in satin petal pink linens. Shalena told us, "Diddy likes things simple and clean, soft and elegant" so she custom designed the crib bedding using soft satin petal pink fabric, linen fabrics.  The two tier dustruffle has a cream lace overlay and an extra long satin dust ruffle for the second tier and the bumper has embroidered flowers. One set of bedding was a gift from Gail King (aka Oprah‘s best friend).  (Note that the first photo is the crib the babies have and the second photo shows the bedding.)

In Diddy and Kim’s bedroom, the girls sleep in this beautiful wrought iron Zanzibar rocking cradle.   

Tiny tushies are wiped and babies are suited up courtesy of this seven drawer French Ancestry dresser/changing table from Jay-Z, with this French mirror above it.  (Check out the Ga Ga tank tops beside the baby.)  In the background of the first photo, you can sort of make out the down-filled gliding chair with ottoman, upholstered in a cream Italian fabric.

The babies are only weeks old but they have already amassed a shoe collection larger than most of us probably have.

The room is topped off with a Stella Pink Chandelier dazzled with teardrop crystals and cream pearls (from Denzel Washington).  The nursery is landscaped with hand carved cherub moldings on each custom piece of furniture and famed painter, Christine Dangelo, created a wall-length mural of sweet fairies and butterflies in a soft whimsical garden setting.

Keeping with Diddy’s high-end style, Shalena incorporated subtle glitz into the cozy room.  Wall hangings with the girls’ names embossed in swarovski crystals on plaques were handpainted by Shelly Kennedy of Drooz Studio.  The little princesses also have their names announced on these Prima Princess hand-painted wall hangings, topped with silk roses, ribbons and beads.  Also commissioned from Drooz Studio were these tiny pink glass tiaras that sit upon satin pillows from Tiny Tiara  and "Princess" door tags.  Other decor includes this "Sisters are for sharing secrets" plaque that is in the entry way of the nursery and this "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" plaque.

Shalena even worked with Kim and Diddy’s friends to make sure gifts would coordinate with the nursery.  Producer LA Reid gave the girls pink "Sky Princess&quot
; tricycles
that even have working headlights.  Other gifts include a Silver Cross Toy Rose doll carriage from Silver Cross and a rose and vine table and chair set from Shaquille O’Neil.

"This was a fantastic nursery to decorate.  Both Sean and Kim have an amazing sense of style and came to Ga-Ga Designs with specific ideas,” explains Shalena. "We blended their vision with our expertise, one of a kind designs and safety recommendations to create the perfect space for Jessie and D’Lila.”  It’s clear that Diddy and Kim are thrilled with the nursery.  Kim said, "I could not have got this done without Ga Ga Designs.  Shalena really pulled this off in a timely manner and the rooms are even more beautiful then I could have imagined.”

Photos: People and Ga Ga Designs

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