Infantino Flutterbug Musical Changing Table Mobile: Fix changing table squirm

I really wish the designers at Infantino can tell me what kind of drug they are leaking out of their Flutterbug Musical Changing Table Mobile ($16.99). I’M KIDDING, of course. But there is something magical about this product.

My daughter’s first smile came out at 2 weeks and it wasn’t looking at her mommy and daddy, no, it was at her Flutterbug. To this day, every time I put her on her changing table, she starts smiling and giggling.

She could be throwing the biggest tantrum and the minute she goes underneath him, she is smiling. I honestly think sometimes that the bug must just come alive in her little brain. It makes me laugh every time. I don’t know if it’s the bright orange head of the bug or the colors and designs on the wings, but whatever it is, it works!

If you have a little one that’s squirmy on the changing table, try it out. My only complaint is that it is a wind up and it only lasts 2 minutes. I have already sent an email to the company begging them to make a version with batteries! They say they will take that in to consideration … Right, we shall see. It also works well on the side of a stroller bassinet if you’re traveling or on the go!

— Doryn

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