Holiday Project: Inca Mama – Maternity never felt so good

The link to Inca Mama’s site was not working when we posted this the other day. We apologize for the error!

Holiday Project: Inca Mama is one of the many companies participating in our Holiday Project. Inlieu of payment for this ad, they have sent over $1,000 of their products to Good Shepherd, a leading youthdevelopment and family service agency that serves over 18,000 clients ayear. You can help Good Shepherd too by becoming a Family Santa.

When you’re pregnant, it’s all about being comfortable, feeling good and looking great. And that’s what Inca Mama is all about.

Carmela Pinillos de Brouwer, a mother of one with another on the way, has taken beautiful fabrics from her native Peru to create a fashionable maternity line that makes women look and feel fantastic throughout pregnancy. And so Inca Mama was born.

Inca Mama sweaters are handcrafted of the finest fabrics making them super-soft and luxurious. Warm and lightweight with classic details, these pieces take you from season to season and find their way beyond pregnancy into your everyday wardrobe—so your pennies will be well spent.

As every mom-to-be knows, you don’t want to sacrifice fashion on the road to motherhood—and with Inca Mama you don’t have to. Whether it’s your first trimester or the last, you’ll find yourself reaching for Inca Mama’s chic sweaters and wraps to wear with skirts and jeans, or to drape around your shoulders when you’re out on the town.

A few of our favorites include the Miraflores (pictured above), which goes with anything and everything. For special occasions, the elegant Arequipa has a delicate ruffled edge that perfectly drapes your ever-changing body. The Luisa’s shorter style has a ruffled detail that dresses up any outfit in your maternity wardrobe (pictured left). With rich colors like azure, orchid, chocolate and cream, you’ll want to start your own collection.

Inca Mama has its share of celebrity devotees including Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross who wears the Miraflores, and Drew Barrymore who wears the Nancy. Just goes to show that moms-to-be and non-moms alike are loving the Inca Mama.

In their gift to Good Shepherd Services, Inca Mama sent 3 Miraflores Wraps, 2 Arequipa Wraps, 2 Kimonos sweaters and 5 hats.

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