In Touch's Top Ten Luckiest Kids In The World

In their most recent issue, In Touch has listed who they think the luckiest kids in the world are.
Here’s a recap:

#10~ Sam Sheen, the daughter of actors Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen, is a girly girl who gets whatever she wants, including makeup and a pony!

#9~ Brooklyn Beckham, the oldest son of David and Victoria Beckham has always been given the royal treament including his godfather… Music royalty Elton John…He and his brothers have a $200,000 fort in their backyard and Brooklyn has a $100,000 toy Ferrari and a $400,000 lighting system in his bedroom that imitates the sky at night!

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#8~Apple Martin, the daughter of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay rocker Chris Martin, travels the world with her parents, attending the hottest concerts and staying in various homes in LA, New York, and London.

#7~Coco Arquette, the daughter of actors Courteney Cox-Arquette and David Arquette is surrounded by some of Hollywood’s top stars, many of which are in her family. She also is god-daughter to Jennifer Aniston and is always dressed as a fashionable little lady.

#6~ Kingston Rossdale, the son of pop star and fashionista Gwen Stefani and rocker Gavin Rossdale,is a seasoned traveler, spending much of his time either on the roadwith his parents or in one of their homes from LA to London. He isalways seen in some of the most stylish baby clothes on the market,many of which are designed by his own mom. Kingston, at six months old,already has an electric guitar and a $6,200 gold bracelet, not thathe’s even aware of them!

#5~ Leni Klum, the daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum and rocker Seal,is constantly with her parents attending major Hollywood events andgoing to the some of the most popular hotspots. Leni is following inher mother’s footsteps, not only in the looks department, but also inher love of the best that fashion has to offer.

#4~ James Broderick, the son of actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick,is very well connected to the New York scene. He is constantlyattending shows, with limitless access and spends the summers in theHamptons, like a real socialite. His father also reportedly bought hima $6,000 14-karat gold bracelet.

#3~Maddox Jolie-Pitt, the son of A-listers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie,never stays in one place for too long, constantly traveling fromcountry to country with his parents. Being the very first priority inhis parents life, along with his two sisters, Mad never wants foranything. He has a motorbike, an ATV, and visits some of the mostinteresting museums, zoos and events. He is also a young fashion icon,usually sporting a mohawk, screen tees and cargos pants.

#2~ Barron Trump, the youngest son of real estate mogul Donald Trump and his third wife Melania,is already guaranteed a lucrative job with his father and, at8-months-old, has his own floor in his parents $100 million triplex.

And number one is (drumroll please) … Miss Lourdes Leon, daughter of pop icon Madonna and her ex Carlos Leon,and stepdaughter to film director guy Ritchie, has a wardrobe to rivalHollywood’s biggest clothes hounds and even has her own stylist. Shealso reportedly has a credit card with a $10,000 limit.

The thing I love about these parents is that these kids aren’t justgiven the lap of luxury and then pushed aside by their parents, as inthe "Mommy Dearest" superstition of Hollywood parents. These parentsabsolutely adore their children, who are evidently the lights of theirlives, and only want to provide them with the absolute best, in manycases because they themselves come from meager backgrounds. I just lovethat!

Source: In Touch, Dec. 11, pgs. 52-57

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