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Julio Iglesias Sr. and his wife Ronna Kneit are expecting their second child together. That’s Julio SENIOR- Julio Iglesias’ father and Enrique Iglesias’ grandfather! Abuelo Iglesias is 90 and Julio Jr. just turned 62.

The new baby is apparently something for Julio Sr.’s 42 year old wife to remember him by, again. "My wife wanted it and I owed it to her," he explained. "It was an act of generosity towards her. I leave her part of my blood, of my life. I need her so much that I said to her ‘here, this is what you wanted for when I am gone’."

Julio Sr. and Ronna’s son Jaime was born in May 2004. He said at the time, "At my age, a child is marvellous," he declared. "If people say I just did it for my wife, I don’t take it as an insult, but the truth is I wanted it just as much as her. It is a gift and a privilege."

Source: Hello! magazine

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