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Updated June 08, 2007 09:30 AM

Once upon a time, diaper bags were for the kids and not even the most discriminating ones. Festooned with pastel cartoon characters of past decades and armored in wipe clean plastic, they offered little to love. But then the mommies started getting savvy, and demanding a chic-er bag in which to ferry their necessities. Haute diaper bags started showing up on Hollywood moms a few years ago and with the recent baby boom and number of high profile dads out there, it was only a matter of time before the guys got in on the obsession with this iconic accessory. Now the dudes are demanding their own props – baby props that is.

From Brad Pitt’s famous Jamie bag by Storksak ($198) to Adam Sandler’s Bugaboo bag ($100), there’s a bag out there for every guy. So before you hit the shops in search of the perfect diaper bag for your man, check out the selection below. We’ve matched bags with their celebrity owners and inspiration, and we’ve come up with suggestions for similar Daddy types.

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For the rocker dad like Chris Martin and Travis Barker: The Diaper Dude Guitar bag ($108) or Fleurville’s DJ bag ($119) both vie for top billing. Worn messenger-style, these low maintenance bags are laid back and casually hip, making fatherhood look like an effortless riff. Celebrity owners of this bag include Tori Spelling’s husband, Dean McDermott.

For the Superhero dad like X-men’s Hugh Jackman, Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire, and Batman’s Christian Bale: It’s DadGear to the rescue! Just Jared had photos of Hugh toting wife Deborra-Lee Furness’s Juicy bag whilst out with the kids. But the DadGear Billboard bag (Normally $125 but $105 for Father’s Day) would clearly be a better choice. Perhaps made from a recycled X-men billboard? Every Billboard bag is one of a kind so your man needn’t fear meeting his evil nemesis carrying the same bag. Offering uber functionality and the fastest wipes dispenser out there, this bag can make any dad look like a superhero. DadGear’s Quick Access Wipes Case is so fantastic, that it just received the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s (JPMA)2007 innovation award. Look for Nancy’s complete review on DadGear’s Sporty striped messenger on CBB Reviews.

For dads that prefer to fly hands free, try DadGear’s Cargo Vest ($82). With slots for cellphone’s, bottles, changing pad, and wipes it is nearly as cool as a superhero cape.

For the laid back outdoorsy dads like Heath Ledger and Ben Affleck: Land’s End diaper backpack ($39)or LL Bean’s original Continental Rucksack ($39). Both of these bags have fuss free utility and well loved function on the road and trail. They’re reflections of a classic New England sensibility and appreciation of simple hardworking goods. Heath has also been seen out and about with a charcoal Skip hop Dash bag ($64) swinging on baby Matilda Ledger’s stroller

For the international jet-setter dads like Brad Pitt and Gavin Rossdale: Brad may have been responsible for the entire man-bag craze, when his Storksak Jamie was photographed on him in several locations. This year he’s moved on to the Storksak Cole. It is a super-chic design with insulated pockets and padding for his laptop. Equally stylish and kinder to the cow, Victoria Staten’s faux suede dad bag ($150) is as smooth and charming as the man who knows how to wield a wipey.

For the sporty dad like David Beckham: The Timi and Leslie “Pele” Diaperbag ($119) reflects a love of sport. Other designs in the series include baseball, football and basketball themed bags. The "Magic" Basketball bag is owned by actor John Reilly. Just right for that dad who is ready to get in the game!

For the military/outdoorsman type (picture Vin Diesel’s character in The Pacifier): The Mia Bossi Rex ($310). The latest design from this company offers a fully featured dad’s bag in leather and canvas or ballistic nylon, in color choices including Desert and Trooper. Or to blend in with the other bag slinging dad at the park – the Skip Hop duo in Camo ($50) is a perfect choice.

For the handy at home dad like Extreme Makeover’s Ed Sanders (who just had triplets!): The Baby Bandolier Sling ($34.95) keeps everything from cell phones to binkies organized right where you need it – front and center. Or prep him to play Mr Fixit with the Daddy’s Tool Bag diaper bag kit ($34.95)from Interactive Media. They say the right tool for the right job makes everything easier and the same goes for diaper changes. This kit comes with an informative “how to” dvd that teaches new dad the vital skills to do that messy diaper change once and do it right, each and every time.

Don’t recognize your guy above? Well there is plenty more to choose from. Check out the groovy vinyl Airborne messenger bags from Holly Aiken ($136), Dad bags from Daddy’s Matter, Caden Lane’s Daddy Bag ($136), Mustard Sprout Marshall Diaper bag ($34.95),
Baby Sherpa bags and Oyikes slingbacks and messengers ($143-$165). Looks like your father’s day gift is in the bag.