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Updated June 13, 2007 10:31 PM

Long-time actor John Travolta, 53, will be appearing in the movie adaptation of Hairspray, in a role he has never done before:a charming housewife named Edna. John sits down with Reader’s Digest and opens up about Jett, 15, and Ella, 7, his children with actress Kelly Preston, 44.

Ella didn’t mind her dad was playing a woman in the movie. Ella loved Edna. But she did not like Edna half-dressed. If I just had the [face, neck, and cleavage] prosthetics on, and my short hair, Ella would say, ‘I like Edna a lot, but I don’t like the Flapper,’ which is what we called the prosthetic because it had a flap.

Ella also understands how busy her dad must be. She’s got the personality of a 30-year-old. The other day she said, ‘Daddy, what’s your favorite book?’ I said, ‘When I was little, I like To Kill a Mockingbird.’ She said, ‘I mean today.’ I hesitated. She said, ‘It’s OK, you don’t have time to read.’ It was like, You’re not well-read. I’ll bail you out.

What about Jett? As much as Ella loves show business, he loves the outdoors — sports, swimming, bike riding, hiking. Ella is going to be in a movie with us this summer because that’s her forte. It’s a comedy called Old Dogs, with Robin Williams, me, Ella and Kelly.

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John and Kelly haven’t made it a secret that they would like to have another child. John says, [We’lltry] this summer, probably after we finish Old Dogs. Kelly and I likethe idea of having a child around all the time. That’s much moreinteresting to us than having our own time again. Having kids issomething you can’t always do. Kids are like lightning. You grab thatlightening when you can get it. Plus, infants just make me happy.

Those late and sleepless nights don’t faze this couple at all. Kelly and I used to race to see who could get to Jett first.

Source: Reader’s Digest, July 2007 issue, pages 152-157