Joey Lawrence busy being a father, husband, dancer and actor

For former Blossom star Joey Lawrence, the biggest thing going on his life isn’t his stint on ABC’s Dancing with The Stars or his upcoming movie, for Joey, life is fullest at home with his wife since 2005, Chandie Yawn, and new daughter Charli, born in May. In an interview with Us Weekly, he spoke about the change having a baby has made in his life.

"It’s wonderful. I have my daughter here now," Joey said. "She’s incredible, just the
sweetest little thing. I love playing with her on the floor and picking her up out of the crib, seeing her little smiling face. Everything else becomes secondary to that at that point.

He also shared how he and his wife met as teenagers, when Joey was still considered a child star.

"We’ve known each other since we were fifteen years old," he says. "We were on a spring break trip and that crazy love at first sight thing (happened). We were kids, but it just went according to plan. We were incredibly blessed to find our soulmates at that age.
Well, we went out for seven or eight years and were engaged, and I was just dumb. I had a brain fart and we broke up for a couple of years, and then I found her again. And thank God she took me back! Now we’re spending the rest of our lives together."

Source: Us Weekly

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