Reviews Roundup: My favorite t-shirts of the season

Every season I like to do a roundup of some cute tees that I have received or seen around. Here is the Winter 2008 edition:

Wordsies: For the germ-concious family

When you have your first baby one of the most surprising things to learn is that stinky people are not only willing to hold your baby but they are also very eager to. Who would have ever thought that you would have to ask someone to please not kiss your infant on the lips or to please not smoke around your baby? That’s why I love these fun tees from Wordsies Wear that do all the talking for you.

Germ-conscious parents will love these onesies and t-shirts that range in sizes from 3 months to 24 months. Moms will also love the mommy wear which includes a shirt that says "My Baby, My Rules" and which I think every new mom should own.

Check out the full selection at

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787 Baby: For the fun and funny family

Cheeky parents will love the fun onesies from 787 Baby. With slogans like My Daddy Does my Hair (perfect for the bald baby), Lock Up Your Daughters and I Like to Hit the Bottle, these are not the kinds of shirts you’d find in your everyday mall store.

Hand-screened by moms with the utmost care, the 100% cotton Bella onesies are offered in white but mostly come in varied colors (which I happen to love, like yellow, brown and berry). All 787 Baby onesies arrive wrapped in green tissue and are hand-tied with a black and white polka dot ribbon. If you have a gift-message, the owners will hand-write it for you at no additional cost.

But most parents, I think, will find that they love the cost of these tees the most. Keeping in mind that babies grow quickly (not to mention that they’re kind of messy too), 787 Baby offers the lowest possible prices for their tees. In fact, their prices are so low that if they even offered a further discount to our readers they’d lose money. However, be sure to check out the Onesie of the Month special to score a onesie for $10!

Check out the full, fun selection at

Tough Girl Charm: For the family of a tough girly-girl

Parents of girly-girls who have a little biker edge to themwill love these tees from Tough Girl Charm (TGC). The mix of sweet print, prettilyadorned with crystals, crosses and gothic calligraphy is enough to let everyoneknow that your girl rides a Harley (or will someday)!

The all-girl owned and run company is fairly new but word isalready getting out about these great shirts. recently featured the TGC as one of their designers on the rise.

Check out the high-quality tees for yourself at

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Stylized Pea: For the stylish hipster family

If you are the type of parent who is looking for something far from the typical sea of pastels, ducks flowers and bunnies that graze ordinary infant clothing then Stylized Pea is the t-shirt line for you.

Making the ideal baby shower gift, the unisex designs like Little Sparkplug and Trike all come packaged in a frosted pillow box. The shirts are truly eye-catching (specifically because of the colors — they use a lot of bold oranges and greens).

Tees come as onesies, raglans and thermals and the bold graphics are patched onto them. Shirts can be customized as well.

Check out the hip selection at

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Milkman Shirts and Accesories: For the retro family

This Nashville-based apparel line, specializing in onesies and toddler tees, will become a quick favorite simply because of the way it’s packaged: in old-school milk bottles (like the kind the milkman used to drop at your door). The Milkman Shirts and Accesories are therefore appropriately named.

With a wide array of great designs to choose from, each thread is pre-washed and pre-faded for a retro look and feel. It’s no wonder that country music stars Josh Turner and Jason Aldean are fans of the line!

Check out the extensive selection at

And three special shirts for the Earth-friendly family:

Little Green Star

Kids are so impressionable and we teach them so much on a daily basis,why not start to teach them about reducing their carbon footprint nowwhile they are so likely to pick up green habits? Little Green Star t-shirts convey environmentally-friendly messages while at the same time being super cute (with Ladies Don’t Litter being my favorite — how adorable is that!).

At Little Green Star, their dream is to provide families withproducts that align with theirsustainable values. This is apparent even in how they produce theirshirts which are all made from 100% organic cotton in a sweat-shop freeenvironment. The inks are also water-based so they do not havechemicals which can be harmful to the environment and, moreimportantly, your child.

Check out the full selection at and find a t-shirt for your future geologist!

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Arabella Miller Limited

I absolutely love these t-shirts from Arabella Miller Limitedwhich are some of the softest that I’ve ever tried (and I’ve sampled alot of kids tees, as you can imagine). What’s more, I love every singleone of their designs, which is really saying a lot!

The U.K.-based company is the first to produce kids t-shirtsorganically printed by a Soil Association certified printer. Thisbasically guarantees that Arabella Miller Limited tees are organic from seed to final product.

The large selection of designs include the fire-breathing dragonfly (pictured here) among other mini-beasts, pet pals and a space theme. Check out the entire selection at

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Peas on Earth

With messages like Aspiring Humanitarian, Flower Hugger and Drive a Hybrid,no one will question what message you are trying to send your littleone (or the one that your little one is trying to save the world). TheDream Green collection of t-shirts, for babies and toddlers, from Peas-On-Earth encourages your child to be the change he wishes to see in the world.

These tees also hand drawn, designed and silk-screened in ahome-grown business. Look for the company to be adding 100% organiccotton tees to the collection in a couple of months.

Check out the entire selection at

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Post your favorite tees in the comments so that we can review them for future roundups!

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