Mommy's Little Monkey: Breastfeeder in training!

One of the most disappointing moments of my life was in the hospital after giving birth to my daughter when I realized that, despite telling the nurses several thousand times that my daughter was a breastfed baby, they gave her a bottle in the nursery during the few hours that we were forced to be separated. I wish that I had found this set from Mommy’s Little Monkey, which not only acts like a note to the nurses, but is also super clever and cute.

The 100% cotton onesie reads:

To My Wonderful Nurse,
I’m learning how to breastfeed. Please no bottles or pacifiers while I’m in your care. Mommy is waiting for my return to feed me.

Such a simple concept yet so brilliant! The matching beanie reads Breastfeeder in Training. I love it and have already recommended it to several pregnant friends.

I also love recommending Mommy’s Little Monkey in general because they are self-described enthused advocates of breastfeeding which I always like to support! Also from the company are nursing curtains (cover ups) in the original and simple and sweet designs. And, they also have a complete line of onesies and other "threads" available for your little monkey.

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