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Updated October 30, 2008 09:00 AM

When I started cloth diapering, I found a whole new world of products designed specifically for the needs of people who use cloth diapers. It was a little overwhelming to say the least: I wasn’t sure what I actually needed and what was more a matter of decoration. I tried a lot of products that promised to make my life easier, and, to be truthful, not all of them delivered. A few products delivered beyond my expectations. The following items from the cloth diapering world are all outstanding. I love them so much that I would recommend them to any parent, whether or not they have chosen to use cloth diapers.

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1. Bummas
If you give up using disposable diapers, you will probably also give updisposable wipes. Most of us are used to shoving a used wipe into thediaper before we trash it. This is not going to make your washingmachine happy if you use disposable wipes. So you will probably want toswitch to a small washcloth. This washcloth will get washed right alongwith the diaper. I love the Bummaswipes($16.99 for a pack of 10) because they are made from incredibly softcotton, are super absorbent and sized just right to get the job done.They are perfect for non cloth diaper-ers to use as a baby washcloth,face cloth and to dry off baby’s bum after cleaning with disposablewipes (drying off helps prevent rashes).

2. Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray
You’re not going to win any fans or get very far trying to clean yourbaby’s bottom with a dry cloth. There is a reason that wet wipes arewet! So what’s a washcloth using, cloth diapering parent to do? Use alittle spritz bottle filled with a gentle, effective cleaning solution!We just love Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray($9.95) It’s inexpensive, smells divine and is extremely gentle. Andit’s not just for cloth diapering moms. Use this spray to give givedisposible wipes a much needed "boost" during extra messy diaper andfood related clean ups, use it to clean your toddlers hands, use it toget spit up off your clothes… it’s magical.

3. Bum Genius Diaper Sprayer
Sometimes when you change a soiled toddler diaper, the solids don’tshake off all that easily. This is potentially alarming to thepoo-phobic parent. The clever folks at Bum Genius came up with their Diaper Sprayer($39.95) to deal with this unfortunate, and inevitable situation. Youattach the sprayer right to your toilet tank. When you need to hose offa diaper, just dangle the diaper over the potty, spray it off with thesprayer and then toss it right in the washbag. Phew. It’s a relief tohave one of these spray nozzles for this purpose but it is alsoexcellent for cleaning off your shoes, if you step in something gross,for cleaning muddy toys, for cleaning up clothes that have been thevictim of a potty training accident… You get the picture. Technicallyyou can also call your toilet a "bidet" if you have one of theseinstalled. But be forewarned – that is a COLD water hook up!

4. Wet Happened Wet Bags
Wetbags were originally designed with the purpose of getting yourused cloth diapers back home without creating a stink. Literally. Theyare waterproof, odor containing bags that you use to hold a soileddiaper, after you’ve changed it on the road. When you get home, youtoss the entire bag in the wash, along with the diaper. It’s better forthe environment than going through ziplocs, and far more fashionable asWet Happened Wet Bags($17.95) come in a bunch of cute prints. Of course wet bags are notjust for cloth diapering parents. They are for parents of kids that getmessy, spit up, have leaky diapers, have accidents, are being pottytrained, are taking swim lessons, etc. Basically all parents. Whatparent has never slunk home with something wet and in need of a goodlaundering?

5. Cranky Pants Longies
Plastic-free hand-knit woolen "Soaker" Pants are the ultimate in ecofriendly diapering. Throw in a fair trade agreement to produce theseitch free merino wool garments and you get green parents everywhere togrin. Cranky Pants ($80)are a reason to rejoice! Woolen diaper covers are, of course, an oldiebut a goodie. Wool has amazing properties to wick moisture away fromthe body. It’s anti microbial and warm in winter, cool in summer. Buthere’s a little secret. You don’t have to go totally green to get apair of Cranky Pants. Whatever you diaper with -these uber adorableduds are definitely sure to produce some green eyed monsters amongstonlookers. They are fabulous and envy worthy. Be sure to check out thesock monkey and pirate styles as well! (As seen on Kimya Dawson’s daughter Panda!)

— Ciaran

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