coup d'etat Brooklyn: Live to change something

Recently I saw a guy I work with wearing a t-shirt that said Teach the Babies and immediately knew that I had to have one. After getting a bit nosy with him I discovered that the t-shirt comes from coup d’etat, a design company based in Brooklyn. I quickly bought one for myself and another for Danielle and this quickly became my favorite shirt ever.

As a parent I love this shirt first and foremost because of the message that it sends. Actually, though I have a hunch that we’re not their target audience, coup d’etat‘s message as a company in general should be widely supported by parents everywhere in my opinion.

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I often get asked what this shirt’s message stands for. Sometimes, I doas my coworker Elizabeth first did when she saw it and break into arendition of Whitney Houston’s song Greatest Love of All (youknow "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and letthem lead the way…"). Other times, I direct people to the company’s website which explains it better than I can:

We’ve allheard the ancient African Proverb, "it takes a village to raise achild" but have you ever acted on it? The complex issues that facetoday’s youth will never be fully addressed by parents and familymembers alone. The personal and professional advancement of our youngpeople requires a collaborative effort on all fronts – from parents,educators, the community at large, and most importantly, YOU. Youngpeople today have been misguided, misinformed and miseducated byirresponsible adults who set negative examples or simply don’t careenough to make a difference. It’s time for our generation to take theweight. Volunteer, teach, mentor or just BE. Be a living example. Be arole model. Be the one to make a difference today. TEACH THE BABIES.

This brilliant message is one that I am willing to proudly display. Other favorites from the line include Stop Getting Arrested (which says "Jail is NOT an Option" on the back) and Peace, Unity, Love and Havin’ Fun.

I have to also mention that the number onereason why I love this shirt is because it is truly the mostcomfortable t-shirt I own in terms of both fit and fabric. Also,despite wearing it (and consequently washing it) multiple times perweek, the quality hasn’t suffered at all, nor have the colors faded (I have the gold on black version, pictured above, and it looks really great).

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