Reviews Roundup: Funny, comfortable maternity tees

Though I am not pregnant or even thinking about number two I still love finding great maternity t-shirts. Here is a roundup of a few favorites I’ve ran across recently:

Belly Flirt

Just because you’re not carrying a celebrity baby doesn’t mean you can’t con people into thinking you are! This great collection from Belly Flirt includes the tongue-in-cheek Brad’s Baby tee. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

These shirts are great because the soft cotton grows with your belly. I can actually see these becoming a quick favorite because of the fit and because the fabric feels like the kind of t-shirt that you end up sleeping in long after it’s wearable in public just because it’s so comfortable.

Other favorites from the line include Sugar Mommy and I Used to be a Size O. Check out the full selection at

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The first time I laid eyes on these shirts from Jestations I had one reaction: how can I choose just one? Thankfully I don’t have to but seriously, you won’t be able to walk away from this selection with just one t-shirt in hand.

I still have trouble deciding whether I love Dropping Folic Acid or You Touchy, I Bitey more. And I have a coworker in particular who right now would love to own the You’re big too but I wasn’t going to mention it shirt. But I seriously think that if I could truly, truly only purchase one, it would have to be the My Dad Still Thinks I’m a Virgin shirt, hands-down.

Whether you’re the type who loves being pregnant or the kind who can’t wait to be done with it, you’ll love these shirts from Jestations. Check out the full, fun selection at

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Bellies by Calista

These shirts from Calista Clothiers’ Bellies by Calista line are sure to strike a chord with urban preggies. The signature "epidurals anonymous" and "preggers in the city" shirts are available to be shipped. The other styles, like "week infinity," "nausea inc." and, my personal favorite, "abs of steel" must be pre-ordered on the site or by calling 410.926.438.

Check out the selection at

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Georgie Tees

An oldie but goodie (I have mentioned this shirt three times already on the Celebrity Baby Blog), the Made it Past Third Base t-shirt from Georgie Teesis my favorite maternity shirt ever. It just makes me laughhysterically every time I see it.

Other great ones from the lineinclude Does this shirt makeme look fat? and No longer childproof. Pregnant moms who need a little pick-me-up would really appreciate these shirts.

Check out the entire selection at

Do you have a favorite maternity shirt line? Let us know about it in the comments and we’ll review it in our next roundup!

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