By peoplestaff225
Updated April 07, 2005 05:44 PM

We’ve just received our bandwidth notice, and just in the month of April, so far we’ve already used 244 GB of space. To put that in perspective, we are allowed 5 GB per month and we are projecting to use 1,082 GB by the end of the month. Therefore, we are making some changes and ask that you help us out in exchange for us updating you with news everyday!

1) Please visit our sponsors! If you want to go, great, we have a link. Come here, click the ad to go there, and help CBB at the same time.

2) Direct linking. We’ve been over it again and again. Don’t do it. ONE directly linked post on a LiveJournal generated 200+ views in a matter of hours, driving up our bandwidth costs, which are becoming much more than anticipated. You can see how 5 GB quickly became 244!

3) Fewer photos and less news per page. In an effort to decrease costs, we will be posting fewer photos (2 out of a 5 picture set, rather than all 5). The main page and the photo page will now only have 5 posts on it.

This means posts will drop off extremely fast. (The Hasselbeck baby name post from 11am this morning is already gone!) To read all the news/see all the photos since last time you visited, you must now click the week link on the left side of the page, or look at the most recent posts, also on the left side. (This is new- archives used to be monthly.)

4) Let us know what websites you buy from. Many websites have affiliate programs. We will sign up with them and the next time you go to buy from them, come to us (because you’re visiting our site anyway), click on the link and do your shopping.

If you have a question, feel free to post a comment and please let us know what websites you buy from.