Yo Baby Organic Yogurt: Organically Delicious!

High in calcium and protein, Stonyfield Farms Yo Baby Organic Yogurt is made with organic whole milk and fruit purees, contains six live active cultures to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption and is just plain delicious.

The amount of sugar has been recently been lowered to 12 or 13 grams per yogurt (including milk sugars). Besides the fruit flavors, Yo Baby also offers a Simply Plain version (with no added sugars) and Yo Baby Plus Fruit & Cereal with DHA (a natural fatty acid, also found naturally in breast milk) which helps visual and mental development and supplies 45% of a baby’s daily iron needs.

We started our baby girl on their new Simply Plain flavor. It’s suitable for babies from 6 months on, with no added sugar or flavors. Once we determined she could handle it, we moved onto the fruit flavors. My daughter loves them all, especially the apple and blueberry flavors.

Yo Baby comes in a two flavor combo pack of six, with four ounce cups of yogurt. Other flavors include Pear/Peach, Banana/Vanilla, Simply Plain and their Strawberry Banana/Raspberry Pear and Apple/Blueberry from the Fruit & Cereal line. They also offer a drinkable yogurt that works in sippy cups. As your children get older, move up to their Yo Kids Organic Lowfat Yogurt line.


Danielle shares this anecdote: When Anya was a baby, we left a container of Yo Baby yogurt in my mother’s fridge. She later told me that my stepfather ate it for dessert one night and thought it was as good as ice cream because it’s made with whole yogurt and is so rich!

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