Taking your children out for a meal just got easier with the Hoppop Diaper Bag/Booster Seat ($80). The Hoppop is dual-purpose product – it’s a diaper bag, which can also be used as a portable feeding booster seat.


The Hoppop holds an astonishing amount in the main section, with three pockets inside and a zippered mesh pocket under the top flap. On the outside of the Hoppop are zippered insulated pockets on each side. There’s also a large pocket outside with a changing pad and a non-slip shoulder strap. The hard plastic shell in the frame helps it turn quickly into a feeding booster seat. The bag is cute and cleverly designed so you can’t tell that it does double duty.

Converting it from diaper bag to booster seat takes only a few seconds and is really simple. Place the bag on a sturdy chair, attach the Hoppop’s shoulder strap under the chair and tighten. Then open the backrest and attach the strap behind the chair and pull the straps securely. Place child on the Hoppop and attach the three point harness. It’s recommended for children 12 months and older and will hold up to 33 pounds. If you need to get something from the Hoppop while your child is sitting on it, just unzip the main compartment or unzip one of the two side pockets. I was impressed that I could access every pocket, even when it was being used a booster seat. To help keep things organized, items in the main storage area would benefit from being kept in smaller storage bags.

Pros: It attached very quickly and easily.

Cons: No tray.

Verdict: It was great for taking to restaurants/other people’s houses, when we weren’t sure if there would be a place for our 13 month old to sit.

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