Iggy Azalea Says She's Done Posting Photos of Her Son Onyx: 'I Don't Play About My Baby'

"I want him to have a chance to be his own person," Iggy Azalea previously told PEOPLE about 15-month-old son Onyx Kelly

Iggy Azalea attends the Fashion Nova x Cardi B Collaboration Launch Event at Boulevard3 on November 14, 2018 in Hollywood, California.
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Iggy Azalea has faced her own share of social media shenanigans, but she's drawing the line when it comes to her son.

The four-time Grammy Award nominee, 31, announced Thursday on Twitter that she's not posting any more photos of 15-month-old Onyx Kelly as she clapped back at some online users who she referred to as her "second fanbase."

"I've decided I won't be posting about Onyx or sharing images online anymore," Azalea wrote in the tweet. "Y'all not about to be out here playing with my baby on my watch, nope!"

She welcomed her first child last April with ex Playboi Carti, 24, but has since revealed their split in October. Nowadays, the proud mom refuses to play into drama with Carti's fans: "I don't play about my baby. At ALLLLLLL," she recently wrote in one tweet.

Azalea previously clapped back at someone who posted a screenshot from her Instagram Story, featuring a photo of Onyx in a dinosaur costume, which they insulted. "Imagine being so miserable that you bully a one year old child for picking his own outfit," she wrote in a quote tweet. "Y'all so corny and bored and it's really a damn shame."

"My child is not a sub-brand for his fathers fans to obsess over or clown on because the reality is that y'all don't like his mom so you think it's cute to be rude about a baby and what funny stuff he wears," Azalea penned in a followup. "Know that I will smack you in person, and so will his dad."

"Originality is taught, by encouraging independent thinking," she continued. "My baby will never be weighed down thinking he HAS to have anything because the next mfr says so. He's gonna be confident enough to do HIM and that lesson begins now & never ends."

The End of an Era rapper recently opened up to PEOPLE about raising Onyx to be himself. "I want him to have his own identity. I don't want him to be so attached to me," she said earlier this month.

"I want him to have a chance to be his own person. And I don't want people to know him or have an opinion about him before they even meet him or before he's even decided who he is," Azalea added. "I just hope he turns out being kind to everyone. That's my biggest thing. I want him to just be kind."

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Azalea has also clarified that Onyx "is so so loved by his dad & has always had both parents in his life from day 1," after she wrote some not-so-cryptic things about her split with Carti, revealing that she is "raising my son alone & I'm not in a relationship."

"Nothing I said was intended to make it seem like my son's father isn't part of his life but I've noticed a lot of people took it that way, so I wanted to clear the air," Azalea wrote after their split.

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