By peoplestaff225
Updated June 11, 2008 03:00 PM

We’ve received a few reports of readers who have been spammed by unscrupulous people who harvested their emails when the reader posted a comment on CBB. Currently, on the site — as with most Typepad sites — when you post a comment, your email address can be viewed when someone mouses over or clicks your name.

If you do not want your email address to be accessible on the site, please enter a URL in the URL box. (See example to the right.) This will make it so that when someone clicks on or mouses over your name, the URL will show instead of your email address. (A URL is a website address like If you have a MySpace, Facebook page, or blog that you’d like to share, this is a great place for it. Otherwise, enter any URL. I advise that you click Remember personal info too so you never have to enter the info on CBB again. You can test it out on this post.

Similarly, you can also create a free TypeKey account (which works on most Typepad blogs). When someone mouses over or clicks your name, they will be taken to your TypeKey profile page which only displays the information you choose to display.