iBert safe-T-seat: Bicycle safely with your toddler on board

By CBB Guest Reviewer: Kat C.

From the second we got the iBert safe-T-seat box, my toddler Kenzie wasattracted to the vibrant green seat. She knew this was something for her andjust her size. We decided that even though it was 45 degrees out that we wouldstill go out for family bike ride. We have had our eyes on this bike seat formonths!

My husband John took on the role of putting the seat onto his bike and Kenzie wanted to help, too! The box came with very detailed directions withphotos. These were very easy to read and it only took 8 minutes to adjust his bike and10 more minutes to attach the safe-T-seat to his bike. Even with a curious toddleron your side, it can assembled very quick and easy. As the assembling continued,Kenzie grew more and more excited that this vibrant green seat was for her tosit in!

We had never taken Kenzie on a bike before and luckily, she was not at allintimidated by this seat. John put the bike on our bike rack onour suv and it was easy and quick. Once we got to the bike trail weloaded Kenzie into the safe-T-seat. It was very easy to get the 3-point harness over herhead, and even over her snowsuit and jacket! Her eyes lit up and she was thrilled instantly. There is plenty of leg room and space throughout the seat for the riding child. Thelap bar is fantastic, it gave her a place to put her hands and feel in control.

Off we went…ourfamily in 45 degree weather. We were a bit nervous that it would be too cold,but once we started biking, Kenzie was in heaven. The bike had perfect balance.John’s vision was not impaired at all. Kenzie insisted he bike "FASTER!" I couldsee her moving her hands in the direction the bike was going and I could hear hersay, "VROOM! VROOM!" It was an absolutely priceless day biking. As other bikerspassed by, they were amazed at this seat and what it could do. I can’t wait tospread the word and tell Kenzie’s friends to get their dads to buy one of the iBert safe-T-seats. We can’t wait to go out for another family bike ride!

To read more about the safe-T-seat ($90) and its benefits and uses check out ibertinc.com, you can also order one on their site or find a local retailer.

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