Husband Shocks Wife with Pregnancy Announcement – Before She Even Knows She's Pregnant


Surprise – you’re pregnant!

That’s the message one man had for his unsuspecting wife on the latest vlogging episode of Sam and Nia, a self-made, reality-type, YouTube series about one family’s life in Texas.

Nia, who knows her husband Sam to be a prankster, doesn’t believe him at first. In fact, when he hands her a positive pregnancy test, she seems to think he either bought it that way or doctored it.

“Guys this is a joke. ‘Those of you that are out they’re going, aww she’s pregnant.’ This is a joke,” she says.

“Yeah it is a joke. The joke’s on you. ‘The joke’s on her, right guys?’ ” said Sam.

“What did you do? Did you get a dropper out of the toilet?” asks Nia, who usually uses the bathroom overnight tends not to flush the toilet so she won’t wake her two small children. “No you didn’t,” she adds.

“I did,” insists Sam.

Still, to be extra sure, Nia took a brand new test at the end of the video, which confirmed that she is, indeed, “100 percent” pregnant.

Sam and Nia are high school sweethearts according to their Facebook page. They vlog about their adventures daily at 5 p.m. CT on YouTube.

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