Hunter Tylo speaks out about son's death

Soap star Hunter Tylo, 45, tragically lost her 19-year-old son Michael last month after he suffered a seizure at their Nevada home, falling into the swimming pool unconscious and drowning. On Larry King Live last evening, Hunter spoke about experiencing her worst nightmare.

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At his 15th birthday, hebegan to have some symptoms where he would just walk and be blinkingand staring off into space, and slowly these turned into some seizures,where literally he would be tremoring and fall into the ground. It was called complex partial seizures. And I didn’t find outuntil much later what it was exactly. But he had been seeing atherapist, who originally was seeing my daughter Katya for some of her medical issues and the trauma that she had beenthrough [with her eye cancer].

And then this therapist told my son that he didn’treally have seizures, per se. That this was some kind of stressdisorder. That if she treated him weekly and talked to him, that thiswould stop these seizures. And they didn’t stop. And this went on for18 months.

Wewere living [in Nevada] and I would commute to come into the "The Boldand the Beautiful" or I would do films.  Actually, this last fivemonths, he was with me here in L.A., because I was seeking propermedical treatment.  He had driven out to see his girlfriend, and thenhe went to ourhome in Nevada, and he was trying to call his girlfriend that morning.They were going to meet up for breakfast.

So about I guess 6:15, 6:30 pm,he had called her and then she was going to call him back. And he neverpicked up again. He was standing out by the pool to get reception, andthen a seizure occurred and he fell into the water. There wasn’t — notoxicology. I mean, he did not doanything. He was actually trying to work on taking his medications andget better.

My oldest son, Chris, his older brother, called and told me that…It’s like what you never want to hear. He said, ‘Mom, are yousitting down?’ And, you know, you don’t want to hear that. I said, ‘Ohquiet, what do you want?’ He said, ‘Mom, I’m not kidding, are you sittingdown?’

And there’s just this hot rush of blood that just envelopes yourwhole face and your chest and you just begin to know that there’ssomething terribly wrong.

And he said, ‘It’s about Mike.’ AndI don’t know if it was just my body language or just what washappening, and even though I was trying to cover because my twodaughters were sitting at the table where this phone call came, mydaughter, who is 11 years old now, she immediately said, ‘Is Mike dead?’I looked at her and I walked further away from the table.

Thenext thing my son said is, ‘I found Mike in the pool. He’s dead.’ And itwas the worst thing I have ever heard in my life. I thought the worst thing in life was having a sick child and thenhaving a child that might be blind. But there’s really nothing morepainful than losing a child.   

Source: Larry King Live

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