Hugh Jackman on Fatherhood

Hugh Jackman and his wife of ten years, Deborra-Lee Furness adopted a baby girl last summer, whom they named Ava. Ava, 11 months, joins big brother, Oscar, 6 years. In an interview with In Touch, Hugh shared his feelings on being a poppa for the second time and how he and his wife are raising their kids.

As a father for the second time, Hugh says that there is certain calmness to parenting that you don’t have with your first child.

"You’re a little more relaxed," Hugh said, " And it’s a different dynamic having a girl, but both are wonderful and I’m so blessed to have a beautiful boy and girl."

As enamored as he and his wife are about their new little girl, it seems that Oscar adores having a baby sister just as much.

"He runs home from school saying, ‘Where’s my baby girl?," Hugh said.

Hugh says he understands the pressure his career can place on his family and how he and his wife raise their children.

"There is a normalcy that I was used to [growing up] that they’re not," he said. "To be Wolverine’s son can be a huge burden. My dad was an accountant and I thought it was cool, but no one cared."

As for being the father of a girl, Hugh seems to be ready for the challenge.

"I hold her and think, ‘I don’t want you to face anything bad ever in your life,’" he says. " There is nothing more important to me than my family."

Source: In Touch, June 19, 2006, pg. 41

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