Actor Hugh Jackman spoke to Sunday Life magazine for this week’s issue, on such topics as his work, fatherhood and adoption. Hugh and wife, Deborra-Lee Furness have two adopted children, Oscar, 6 1/2 and Ava, 18 months. Some highlights include:

Deborra-Lee is the SAHM and they travel with daddy!

Despite having her own career, Deborra-Lee and the children follow Hugh to locations for filming. This means that Hugh never has to be away from the kids for more than two weeks. Deborra-Lee has only acted in one film, Jindabyne, which had great raves last year, since Oscar’s arrival.

On their plans for children.

The couple were "present at his [Oscar’s] birth and his biological mother even came to live with them for a time." They then adopted Ava in 2005. The couple have said however, even if they could have had children they still would have adopted;

On hectic times at home.

Jackman has said now that they have two children, times at home get hectic, but they feel "more natural." Deb worries sometimes; "Deb, who is an only child, gets increasingly freaked out…but the more there’s chaos, mess, noise, the more I start to feel, ‘Ah, this is how it’s meant to be!’"

Source: Sunday Life magazine (The Sun-Herald Magazine), January 28th, pg. 12

Photo source: Yahoo and WireImage