Hugh Jackman: Adopting Mixed-Race Children Was a 'No-Brainer'

While many couples pursuing adoption focus their efforts on children of the same race, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness blazed a different trail when adopting 8 ½-year-old Oscar Maximillian in 2000. It was no accident; In Barbara Walter‘s Annual Oscar Special the 40-year-old actor reveals that Oscar and his 3 ½-year-old sister Ava Eliot were both the result of a “deliberate” decision by the couple to adopt mixed-race children.

“When we went first to talk to someone in Los Angeles about adoption, I remember they said, ‘What do you want?'” Hugh revealed. “I said, ‘Well, healthy would be good.'” The official then pointed out that Hugh and Deborra had selected mixed-race on their questionnaire. Recalled Hugh,

“He said, ‘Now, listen. Please don’t, please don’t just tick that because you think it’s the right thing to tick.’ And he said to me, ‘We turn away children every month who are mixed race, because we can’t find families for them.'”

His answer “didn’t make sense” to the couple, who considered their decision a “no-brainer.” Adds Hugh,

“It was like, where’s the need? The need was obviously mixed race children. And that was it.”

Source: ABC News

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